Notre Dame Global Adaptation Index

APR 28

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About the index:

  • Notre Dame Global Adaptation Index is a program of the University of Notre Dame’s Environmental Change Initiative.
  • The Notre Dame Global Adaptation Index, or ND-GAIN, ranks the climate adaptation performance for 177 countries over the last 17 years.
  •  One of ND-GAIN’s goals is to assist decision-makers in the public and private sectors to gain a better understanding of the climate adaptation.
  • Metrics can help decision makers identify and prioritize adaptation measures to allocate investment most effectively and build resilience to climate change.
  • It uses parameters related to vulnerability and readiness measures such as water availability, food security and education level.
  • Norway, New Zealand and Finland are the top most countries while Somalia, Central African republic and Chad make up the bottom.
  • India is ranked 122, China at 61, Sri Lanka at 103, Pakistan at 152 and Bangladesh at 162.

Prelims Question

Consider the following statements regarding Notre Dame Global Adaptation index:
1.It ranks countries based on Climate change adaptation.
2.India is ranked among the top 10 countries in the index.
Choose the correct statements from the codes given below:
(a)1 only
(b)2 only
(c)Both 1 and 2
(d)Neither 1 nor 2

Answer to Prelims question