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Deep Ocean Mission

2020 DEC 4

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Why in news?

  • India will soon launch an ambitious 'Deep Ocean Mission' that envisages exploration of minerals, energy and marine diversity of the underwater world, a vast part of which still remains unexplored.

About the mission:

  • The mission, which is expected to cost over Rs 4,000 crore, will give a boost to efforts to explore India's vast Exclusive Economic Zone and Continental Shelf.
  • The mission will also involve developing technologies for different deep ocean initiatives.
  • The multi-disciplinary work will be piloted by the MoES and other government departments like the Defence Research and Development Organisation, Department of Biotechnology, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) will be stakeholders in this mission.
  • One of the main aspects of the mission will be design, development and demonstration of human submersibles.
  • Another aspect is exploring the possibility of deep-sea mining and developing necessary technologies, the official added.
  • The move strategically significant as it will enhance India's presence in the Indian Ocean where other players like China, Korea and Germany are active.


Consider the following statements:
1.Ocean Trenches are the deepest parts of the ocean floor.
2.A nation has full sovereignty over its ocean exclusive economic zone (EEZ).
Which among the above statements is/are correct?
(a)1 only 
(b)2 only 
(c)Both 1 and 2
(d)Neither 1 nor 2

Answer to prelims question