Global Food Policy Report 2022

MAY 23

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Why in news?

  • International Food Policy Research Institute’s (IFPRI) has released the Global Food Policy Report 2022 titled ‘Climate change and food systems’.

Key findings of the report:

  • Global findings
    • Global food production will grow by about 60% by 2050 as compared to the levels in 2010.
    • However, regional differences in access to food mean that nearly 50 crore people would still remain at the risk of going hungry.
    • Seven crores of these 50 crores would not have been at risk if not for climate change.
  • Findings related to India
    • Hunger: India’s food production could drop by 16% and the number of those at risk of hunger could increase by 23% by 2030 due to climate change.
    • Without climate change, 7.39 crore Indians would have suffered due to hunger by 2030. However, if climate change is taken into account researchers found that 9.06 crore citizens (22.69% more) will be at risk of hunger.
    • Temperature: The average temperature across India will rise in the range of 2.4 degrees Celsius to 4.4 degrees Celsius by 2100 and heatwaves during summer are projected to triple by that year.

Recommendations given by the report:

  • R&D for climate-resilient, resource-efficient, and sustainable innovations in food systems
  • Holistic, inclusive governance and management of water, land, forests, and energy resources
  • Promoting healthy diets and increased sustainability of food production
  • Improving value chain efficiency, facilitating trade, and reducing food loss
  • Inclusion and social protection
  • Reorienting financial flows and attracting new finance.


Global Food Policy Report 2022 is released by:

(a) International Food Policy Research Institute

(b) World Economic Forum

(c) Food and Agriculture Organization

(d) International Fund for Agricultural Development