Melilla and Ceuta

MAY 31

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Why in news?

  • Morocco and Spain traded accusations after a migration crisis in Spain's enclave Ceuta in northern Morocco.

About the cities:

  • Melilla and Ceuta are Spanish autonomous cities located on the northwest coast of Africa, sharing a border with Morocco.
  • Melila and Ceuta are the only two permanently inhabited Spanish city exclaves in mainland Africa.
  • These cities are popular destination for migrants in order to enter the European Union, who can claim asylum if they manage to enter the exclaves.
  • As a result, the enclaves are surrounded by double fences that are 6 m high, and hundreds of migrants congregate near the fences waiting for a chance to cross them.

Prelims Question:

Melila and Ceuta, recently in news are exclaves of:

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