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Why in news?

  • Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has recognized Mithun as a ‘food animal’.
  • This will help farmers and tribal village communities as they can now sell mithun meat for commercial purposes.
  • Until now, mithuns and their meat were sold only for very special occasions such as festivals or weddings.

About Mithun:

  • Mithun or Bos frontalis is a semi-domesticated bovine species known to have originated 8000 years ago.
  • Mithun bovine species is found in the northeastern regions of India and is known to live at an altitude of 300 to 3000m above mean sea level.
  • They enjoy cool climates and avoid direct bright sunlight.
  • The Mithun population is highest in Arunachal Pradesh.
  • State animal of Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland
  • IUCN status – Vulnerable.


  • Forested hills and nearby grassy clearings at elevations of up to 5,900 feet.
  • Distributed in north-eastern hill region of India and also of China, Myanmar, Bhutan and Bangladesh
  • It is a social animal, found in small groups and usually contain one adult male and several females and juveniles


Which of the following statements is/are correct regarding ‘Mithun bovine species’?

1. They are endemic to Western Ghats

2. They prefer to live at an altitude

3. They are listed as ‘vulnerable’ under IUCN Red List

Select the correct answer using the code given below:

(a) 1 only

(b) 2 only

(c) Both 1 and 2(d) Neither 1 nor 2