New START treaty


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Why in news?

  • Russia has unilaterally postponed negotiations with the U.S. under the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New START), the last major arms control treaty between the two nuclear powers.

About New START treaty:

  • New START (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) was the last remaining arms reduction pact between the former Cold War rivals and caps to 1,550 the number of nuclear warheads that can be deployed by Russia and United States of America.
  • It entered into force on 5th February, 2011.
  • It continues the bipartisan process of verifiably reducing U.S. and Russian strategic nuclear arsenals by limiting both sides to 700 strategic launchers and 1,550 operational warheads.
  • Its duration was for ten years that is till 2021, but it was extended by five more years till 2026.


‘New START (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty)’, sometimes seen in news, is associated with:

(a) India and China

(b) Ukraine and Russia

(c) U.S and China

(d) Russia and U.S