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Sankalp Parva

JUN 29

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  • Ministry for Culture and Tourism called for successful organizing of “Sankalp Parva” campaign.


  • Ministry of Culture has decided to celebrate Sankalp Parva from 28th June to 12 July 2020, wherein Ministry expects all its Subordinate Offices and Institutions to plant trees in its campus or at the surroundings wherever it is possible.
  •  Ministry of Culture recommends to plants five trees which have been identified by our Prime Minister and which represent the herbal heritage of our country. These trees are
    1. Bargad
    2. Awla
    3. Pepal
    4. Ashok
    5. Bel
  •  If sapling of these trees is not available then people may do plantation of any other sapling of their choice.


Q. The Sankalp Parva campaign of Ministry of culture and tourism will likely result in:

  1. Increasing the green cover in the country
  2. Improve innovation in the field of mobility
  3. Increase research into South Indian history
  4. None of the above

Answer to Prelims question

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