2022 MAY 27

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Why in news?

  • Recently, UN-Habitat has identified multi-hazard vulnerabilities, urban sprawl, weak urban mobility and “green-blue disconnect” as the pressing issues for Jaipur city.

About UN-Habitat (United Nations Human Settlements Programme):

  • The UN-HABITAT is the United Nations agency for human settlements.
  • It was established in 1978 as an outcome of the First UN Conference on Human Settlements and Sustainable Urban Development (Habitat I) held in Vancouver, Canada, in 1976.
  • UN-Habitat maintains its headquarters at the United Nations Office at Nairobi, Kenya.
  • UN-Habitat reports to the United Nations General Assembly.
  • It is mandated by the UN General Assembly to promote socially and environmentally sustainable towns and cities with the goal of providing adequate shelter for all.

UN-Habitat Publications/Reports:

  • The State of the World’s Cities
  • The Global Report on Human Settlements
  • New Urban Agenda
  • Sustainable Development Goals and Urban Local Bodies – The Future We Want


Consider the following statements regarding UN-Habitat:

1. It was established under United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

2. ‘The Global Report on Human Settlements’ is published by UN-Habitat

Which of the statements given above is/are correct?

(a) 1 only

(b) 2 only

(c) Both 1 and 2

(d) Neither 1 nor 2