Cracking the UPSC Civil Services Examination requires a holistic understanding of syllabus topics and current affairs. This demands a comprehensive preparation strategy that simultaneously addresses the Prelims and Mains requirements of a topic. Additionally, it also demands the ability to make linkages between multiple topics within and spanning across multiple GS papers.

iLearn’s revolutionary new current affairs platform “iLearn CANA” is tailor-made for this seamless integration between different current affairs topics vis-a-vis Prelims, Mains and within different GS Papers. iLearn CANA not only puts forth a bird’s-eye-view of the entire syllabus, but also facilitates easy navigation and mental-mapping of topics. This is achieved through our innovative interface with radical features such as mouse-over preview for peripheral topics within an article, comments that link different articles together and tags that group together articles associated with an ongoing current issue.

This platform has been designed to be primarily used for long-term preparation. We encourage you to make use of it on a daily basis for the best returns.