Doha Political Declaration

2023 MAR 15

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Why in news?

  • Doha Political Declaration was adopted by the head of the states at the recently concluded Fifth United Nations Conference on the Least Developed Countries (LDC5).

About Doha Political Declaration:

  • It is a key outcome of the second part of the LDC5 conference held in Qatar.
  • The declaration welcomed the Doha Programme of Action (DPoA).

About Doha Programme of Action (DPoA):

  • The DPoA for the Least Developed Countries was adopted at the first part of the LDC5 conference held in New York.
  • It is a 10-year plan to put the world’s 46 most vulnerable countries back on track to achieving the UN-mandated Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).
  • DPoA (2022-2031) consisted of six key focus areas:
    • Eradicating poverty
    • Leveraging the potential of science and technology
    • Addressing climate change
    • Environmental degradation
    • Recovering from COVID-19 pandemic
    • Building resilience against future shocks?for risk-informed sustainable development


Doha Programme of Action and Doha Political Declaration, recently seen in news, aims to:

(a) Frame a set of principles concerning the equality of men and women

(b) Ensure international action against the irrational use of antibiotics

(c) Support marine bio-diversity

(d) Assist Least Developed Countries to achieve Sustainable Development Goals