Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary

2020 JAN 9

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A Royal Bengal tigress and her three cubs were poisoned and their carcass left to rot inside Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary.


  • The Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary is a protected area in Goa in the Western Ghats of South India.
  • The sanctuary covers a vast area of 208 sq. km. and ensures the protection of the immense biodiversity found in the animal and plant life that resides in the Western Ghats.
  • The formation of this sanctuary makes Goa the only state in the country that protects the entire area of the Western Ghats that falls within the state.
  • This sanctuary is known for the recent spotting of Bengal tigers within its grounds. There is a proposal to make it into a ‘Project Tiger’ tiger reserve.
  • The area of the sanctuary is thickly forested with moist deciduous vegetation and some evergreen species too.
  • The sanctuary is particularly well-known for its sacred groves that protect rare and indigenous trees.
  • Fauna (commonly spotted) - Indian gaur, Barking deer, Sambar deer, Asian palm civet, small Indian civet, Wild boar, Indian hare, Ruddy mongoose, Black-faced langur and Bonnet macaque.

Prelims Question

Q. Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary is located in
a. Maharashtra
b. Madhya Pradesh
c. Arunachal Pradesh
d. Goa

Answer to the Prelims Question