Joint Logistics Node (JLN)

APR 27

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Why in news?

  • Chief of Defence Staff General Bipin Rawat has operationalised the country’s third Joint Logistics Node (JLN) in Mumbai.

About JLNs:

  • Establishment and operationalisation of JLNs is aimed in the direction of logistics integration of the three Services, i.e. Army, Airforce and Navy.
  • JLNs will provide integrated logistics cover to the Armed Forces for their small arms ammunition, rations, fuel, general stores, civil hired transport, aviation clothing, spares and also engineering support in an effort to synergise their operational efforts. Acceptance of each other's limitations and learning from each other's strengths and best practices is essential to help improve the functioning and efficacy of these nodes.”
  • This initiative would accrue advantages in terms of saving of manpower, economise utilisation of resources, besides financial savings.
  • The JLN would enhance joint inter-operability between the Services and go a long way in improving the logistics processes of the Armed Forces.
  • The  two JLNs already established are in Guwahati and Port Blair and were operationalised on January 01, 2021.

Prelims Question

” Joint Logistics Nodes” recently in news is related to:
(a)Covid-19 response
(b) Armed Forces
(c)Disaster management
(d)International Trade

Answer to Prelims question