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Ceramic Radome Technology

2023 MAR 24

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Why in news?

  • Carborundum Universal Limited (CUMI), a private sector pioneer in material science signed a “Licensing Agreement for Technology Transfer” with the Defence Research and Develop­ment Organisation (DRDO) for manufacturing ceramic radomes used in aerospace and missile systems.

About Ceramic Radome Technology:

  • Ceramic radome technology is considered state of the art missile technology the world over.
  • To withstand high temperature during a missile’s journey, radomes located at the tip of a missile protect them. The radomes are made of ceramic materials, hence called ceramic radomes.
  • The ceramic radomes are indigenously made by Research Centre Imarat (RCI, Hyderabad), DRDO labs in the Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Missile Complex.


  • Radomes are structures or enclosures designed to protect antenna and associated electronics from the surrounding environment and elements such as rain, snow, UV light, and strong wind.
  • The name "radome" is derived from the words radar and dome.
  • The protective shell enhances the pointing accuracy of antenna systems by offsetting negative impacts of UV degradation, wind load, or build-up of snow and ice.
  • The key functionality of these structures is to extend the system's ability to perform under adverse conditions while creating a safe working environment.
  • Application:
    • Use of radomes applies to a range of industries that require the protection of sensitive equipment, electronic components, and personnel.
    • These include - weather radar, aviation, maritime communications, satellite communications etc.


‘Ceramic Radome Technology’, recently seen in news, is related to:

(a) Missile manufacturing

(b) Drug delivery

(c) Diamond production

(d) Nuclear energy generation


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