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2023 FEB 11

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Why in news?

  • After a case of wild polio was discovered in a child, Malawi announced a wild polio outbreak, the first of its kind in Africa in more than five years.
  • In the year 2020, the continent was declared free of all kinds of wild polio.

About Malawi:

  • It is a landlocked country in southeast Africa that was formerly known as Nyasaland.
  • It is bordered by Zambia to the northwest, Tanzania to the northeast, and Mozambique to the east, south, and west.

Lake Nyasa/Lake Malawi

  • It is third largest of the Eastern Rift Valley lakes of East Africa, which lies in a deep trough mainly within Malawi.



Consider the following pairs:

1. Lake Nyasa : Africa

2. Lake Huron : North America

3. Lake Titicaca : South America

Which of the pairs given above is/are correct?

(a) 1 and 2 only

(b) 2 only

(c) 2 and 3 only

(d) 1,2 and 3