Project Udbhav

2023 OCT 25

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Why in news?

  • ‘Project Udbhav’ has been launched by the Indian Defence Minister, aiming to integrate ancient Indian strategic wisdominto modern military pedagogy.

About Project Udbhav

  • The project will explore under-explored strategic thinking, statecraft, and warfare from classical texts and enrich military training curricula like Chanakya’s Arthashastra (strategic partnerships, diplomacy, soft power projections, etc.) and Thirukkural (Ethical conduct in warfare).
  • It will focus on educating military leaders, informing senior commanders, and creating a knowledge pool for scholars and defence personnel.
  • Ancient Indian texts and historical military campaigns and leaders will be studied to connect traditional knowledge with contemporary military practices.



Project Udbhav, recently seen in news, is related to?

(a) Origin of universe

(b) Ayurveda

(c) Strategic thoughts

(d) Biotechnology