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2023 JUN 23

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Why in news?

  • The US Department of Defence (DoD) and the Ministry of Defense launched the India-US Defense Acceleration Ecosystem (INDUS-X).

About India-United States Defence Acceleration Ecosystem (INDUS X):

  • INDUS X aims to foster collaboration and innovation between Indian and US defence startups, promoting technological advancements in the sector.
  • India’s Innovations for Defense Excellence (iDEX) and the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) are leading INDUS-X activities


  • INDUS-X would spearhead several initiatives that will complement existing government-to-government collaboration.
  • These initiatives include - joint prize challenges for start-ups, roundtable events, mentor-protege initiatives between major primes and startups, collaboration of startups with defence majors’ supply chains etc.


Consider the following statements:

Statement – I: Recently India and United States launched Defence Acceleration Ecosystem (INDUS X)

Statement – II: The initiative will provide credit to Government of India to purchase U.S defence products.

Which one of the following is correct in respect of the above statements?

(a) Both Statement-I and Statement – II are correct and Statement – II is the correct explanation for Statement – I

(b) Both Statement – I and Statement – II are correct and Statement – II is not the correct explanation for Statement – I

(c) Statement-I is correct but Statement II is incorrect

(d) Statement – I is incorrect but Statement – II is correct