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Omorgus Khandesh

2023 FEB 17

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Why in news?

  • A new beetle species named Omorgus Khandesh has been discovered in India.

About Omorgus Khandesh:

  • Omorgus Khandesh (also called a keratin beetle) is a beetle species.
  • It is necrophagous.
    • Necrophagy is the feeding behaviour of an organism that eats dead or decaying animal flesh that it did not kill.
    • Insects exhibiting this behaviour include burying beetles, wasps and blowflies.


  • The beetles of this group are sometimes called hide beetles as they tend to cover their body under the soil and hide.

Add ons:

  • The beetle is important for forensic science as it helps detect the time of death of an animal or human.


‘Omorgus Khandesh’, recently seen in news, refers to:

(a) A beetle species

(b) A mangrove species

(c) A butterfly species

(d) A fungal species