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Sahyadri Megha

2020 MAR 9

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Why in news?

  • UAHS develops Sahyadri Megha, a new red variety of paddy

About Sahyadri Megha

  • Sahyadri Megha variety of paddy is developed under the hybridization breeding method by crossing Jyothi variety with Akkalu, a native disease-resistant, and protein-rich paddy variety.

  • The research work for the development of high-level resistance to blast disease was commenced in 2009.

  • The new variety of paddy was approved by the State-level Seed Sub-Committee. The new variety will be made available for farmers from the coming Kharif season.

  • The aroma and taste of the new variety paddy was verified and found satisfying.

  • The new variety of paddy will be notified under the Indian Seed Act 1966, and it will become a part of the seed chain.

  • It is expected that the Sahyadri Megha variety will fetch a good price for its nutrition values, aroma, and taste as it is disease-resistant, the cultivation cost will be low.

Prelims Question

Q.“Sahyadri Megha” which sometimes occurs in news is a/an?
a)Reconnaissance Aircraft
b)Programme for women empowerment
c)Irrigation project
d)New variety of Paddy

Answer to the Prelims Question