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2023 SEP 15

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Why in news?

  • Several researchers have recently raised questions on the quality and impact of research shared on the arXiv platform.

About arXiv:

  • arXiv is an online platform where researchers from various fields such as physicists, computer scientists, mathematicians, astronomers and others share their research papers for free. 
  • Unlike traditional journals which take half a year or more to publish a paper, arXiv is fast as it does not have a peer review process.
  • arXiv is an open-access platform, which means that anyone with an internet connection can access and download research papers for free. This openness promotes the sharing of knowledge and fosters collaboration among researchers worldwide.

How does it work?

  • arXiv uses a moderation system to review and publish papers. When a paper is submitted, it’s typically published within a day unless a moderator raises concerns. 
  • However, there are challenges due to the high volume of submissions (up to 1,200 per day) and a limited number of volunteer moderators (about 200 across 150 categories). This has led to complaints about the moderation process being slow, unclear, and inconsistent.


arXiv” platform, widely discussed in news, is associated with:

(a) Defence collaboration

(b) Research and development

(c) Currency exchange

(d) Tax system